Any eyeliner treatment can be paired with an eyebrow or lip treatment on the same day.

We can do any colour of your choice



Lashline eyeliner is a soft subtle line that we place between your natural lashes to make them looker fuller.


It enhances your eyes by just adding a hint of colour and makes your mascara POP
Suitable for:

- If you prefer to wear more natural makeup

- All Eye Shapes

- All Skin Types
Touch up needed every 12 months



Bottom eyeliner is very individual. It is not something that everyone suits, but if you love to wear your eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes every single day, then this is the treatment for you
Suitable for:

- if you wear bottom eyeliner every day

- if you have larger eyes

- All skin types
Touch up needed every 12 months


This beautiful treatment can give you that winged eyeliner permanently. This style of eyeliner is thicker than a lash line fill and can be as bold or a subtle as you like.


This 'flick' on the end is very popular with this treatment as it helps to open up the eye and give it a lift
Suitable for:

- All Skin types

- Not suitable for hooded eyes
Touch up needed every 12 months


If you decide that you would like your bottom eyeliner on, then you might find that you feel the top needs some colour as well


We can do both the bottom and top eyeliner in the same treatment and you can decide if you prefer a winged eyeliner or just a soft lashline fill on the top
Suitable for:

- All skin types

- Large Eye Shapes

Touch up needed every 12 months


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