There are so many questions to ask when it comes to eyebrows tattooing, but most importantly how much does it cost and do you get numbing cream?

To help answer all of these questions we have created an Info Pack

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This is one of our most popular eyebrow treatments we offer.This treatment is performed with a hand tool and creates hair strokes in your eyebrow to mimic your natural hair
Suitable for:

- Very blonde

- Over plucked

- If you prefer to wear more natural makeup

- Normal Skin types
Touch up needed 8 - 12 months



This technique is very traditional and is more of a 'powdered makeup' finish
During this treatment we use a machine to add colour and depth to the brow so there is a 'buzzing' sound in the room
Suitable for:

- Naturally full eyebrows

- If you prefer the defined 'makeup' look

- All skin types
Touch up needed 8 - 12 months


Very similar to the powder brow, ombre brows is performed with a machine as well.
During this treatment we use different needle sizes to gradually fade the colour at the front of your eyebrow for a softer more natural finish
Suitable for:

- Any hair type

- All Skin types.
Touch up needed every 12 months


Combination eyebrows combines both microblading and powder brow technique, to give you gorgeously blended eyebrows
There are different options that we offer when it comes to combination as you can combine both techniques in a number of ways. If this is a treatment you are after we will discuss the different option during your consultation
Suitable for:

- All hair types

- Dry, Normal and Combination skin types
Touch up needed every 12 months


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